Meet Our Congregation



We are a non-denominational church; that being said, we call our church “full gospel” by that we believe what the bible says.  We don’t remove anything from the scriptures or try to explain it away.  Our congregation comes out of a very diversified denominational background.  Some were former Catholics, former Presbyterians, some others from a Methodist background, and several came from various Pentecostal denominations.  We do not judge by the background and we welcome all who come to visit irregardless of their backgrounds.  We open our services with a course, and then prayer request taken and we pray for every request.  

We believe in power of prayer.  We have seen people healed of heart disease, cancer and diabetes.  One man whose arm had turned “black” from loss of blood flow because of diabetes, came for prayer on a Sunday evening, he was scheduled to have his arm amputated the following Tuesday, received healing that night.  We call together the elders of to pray for needs and anoint with oil just like the scriptures indicate in James 5:14-15.  There are many mainline denominations that no longer do this and wonder why there is no spiritual life in their church, Grafton full gospel church will never stop doing this important function.

We come together to worship and praise the lord, some with great enthusiasm and some with great reverence.  We don’t judge how you wish to worship.  We also allow the holy spirit to minister during the service.  But the one characteristic about our church I hear over and over again is how friendly we are and how welcome we make visitors feel when they come into our church.  So please join us for a service or two and bring your prayer requests with you.  I am sure you will be blessed and want to come back to join us in our services and our service to the risen Lord.

Yours in Christ’s service,

Samuel D Williams

Pastor of Grafton Full Gospel Church